Go on Vacations when you have a Horse at Home

Every once in a while it is nice to take a vacation. But when you have animals, including large animals at home, it's a bit harder when you have to consider in your vacation planning. That is when you leave home, who is going to take care of the horses?

So if you have animals at home, and want to take a vacation away from home, what do you do? Thankfully, there are options other than sending your horses to an agistment stable, but that might be a viable option for you too. Each of the options have Pro’s and Con’s, but hopefully it will give you some ideas.


You can actually hire someone to come and stay in your home while you are away. There is even a few websites like here, here and even here where you can find someone to watch over your home, and care for your animals while you are away.


This is almost the same as someone staying in your home. But instead of having them stay, they just come over and care for your animals. You can even have them play with your pets, or clean stables. The cost is about the same as having someone stay in your home. But if you only need them to come feed outside pets (like horses) this is an option too. There is a website that has pet sitters in many different states and there are certified by other users.

Or you could contact your local Pony Club or Horse Rider Club. There maybe someone there, who is experienced with horses, and happy to have some extra pocket money.



If you have someone that you know really well, and trust to come stay in your home, this might be the best option.

You possibly have other relatives or even your neighbors would be willing to help out. It’s a good idea to let close neighbors know you are going to be gone anyway, so someone is keeping an eye on the house right?

Before you leave make sure...



The first thing you should do is make some sort of communication board for whomever is going to be caring for your horses while you are away. 

It’s important to have pictures of which horse is which, if you have more than one horse. This way your caregiver will know who is who.

This is important for feeding, stall assignments, and heaven forbid, if the vet needs to be called out.

It just makes it easier on someone who is taking care of your horses, especially if they don’t really know them. It's to have important phone numbers, and their feeding schedule.

And to make sure the ‘feeder’ knows which horse belongs in which stables, 

It would be very helpful to your carer to have nameplates on stable and yards and paddocks, and maybe a small description of the particular needs of each horse on this sign.

Hopefully a fire does not happen whilst you are absent, but confirm to the carer that rugs must come off in cases of fire, and if horses have to be released, have your phone number painted on their hooves.



There are many security cameras available today which will allow you to watch your horses while you are away.

Could be worth this installation for peace of mind.

We know from personal experience how hard it can be to get away when you have horses, but everybody needs a break from time to time.