• Engraved Numbers - for Number Holders
  • Engraved Numbers - for Number Holders

Engraved Numbers for Equestrian Number Holders (Pair)


From 1 July 2022, at EA Dressage competitions your numbers must be a minimum of 3.5-4cm. Our engraved numbers are compliant with this ruling if they are engraved without your horse's name.

Hamag offers personalised engraved number cards for up to 6 digits. Simply enter your desired number, and you’ll get a permanent number card that can be swapped out for your included interchangeable number set.

Made from 2mm thick plastic (black text on white background, as in Hamag standard interchangeable numbers)Very professional in appearance, waterproof, and highly legible

Can have a 'P' for Pony Dressage in front of the numbers.

*Pony size is smaller to fit into our Pony sized number holders.

This card is made to fit Hamag's Bridle, Saddle Cloth and Multi Purpose Number Holders.